Cyber Security

OrangePoint works with its customers and technology partners to deliver best-of-breed solutions, individualized for each customer.


Whether you use high-end or open-source firewalls, our team of experts is here to assist.

Endpoint Security

Secure your network by ensuring that systems are safe from malware, viruses and other threats.

Vulnerability Testing

Perform automated and manual vulnerability testing to keep on top of your known risks.

Identity and Access

Secure access, inside and out, for your entire organization while saving time and money.

Cyber Security Technology Expertise

Our team can implement your cyber security processes using a range of world-class technologies, including these*:

*OrangePoint does not partner with all of these firms. Their names should not be taken as endorsement. However, we do have significant experience in all of the described tools and can provide references as desired.

Cyber Security Implementation Services

OrangePoint has successfully architected, built and deployed the following solutions:

  • Application Security Analysis

    When your customers or company implements new software, it’s critical to perform a rigorous assessment for vulnerabilities and design flaws. Our security and software development experts are here to assist. We follow OWASP guidelines and utilize our knowledge of PCI, ISO 27002, and our skills as developers to keep your solutions clear of vulnerabilities. We also utilize Dynamic Application Security Testing tools, where applicable, to enhance the results of our analysis.

  • Static Code Analysis

    For those customers with less stringent requirements on their software, we can perform a static code analysis only, which is a part of the overall Application Security Analysis. This subset of that assessment is valuable in finding the low-hanging fruit of issues within your code. Our experts can assist you in discovering those issues and rapidly deploying fixes and workarounds. (See Dynamic vs. Static Code Analysis.)

  • Managed Application Security

    Using the latest technologies, we continually monitor and assist your development and security teams in heading off any security vulnerabilities prior to deployment. Having our application security experts as part of your Quality Assurance process will save you the risk of embarassment and liability by helping to secure your code and educate your developers on best practices.

  • Penetration Testing

    Our team focuses on all layers of penetration testing, from social engineering and physical security to external and internal network and systems penetration testing. We’ve got you covered. More importantly, we cover all your potential areas of weakness so you’re not left blind to future attacks.

  • Vulnerability Testing

    Vulnerability scanning tools do a good job of finding the issues that nearly anyone would find. Our experts will help you find the rest. We won’t rest until we’ve exhausted all of our knowledge in search of a flaw. We can also help you remediate any issues you might find or present alternative mitigations to the issues.

  • Endpoint Security Implementation

    Overall security of your environment is often most dependent upon your users. They are often the weakest link. Modern technology has improved endpoint security so much so that it can be configured to prevent nearly all of the issues your users could create. Keep your whole company safe by keeping each individual safe.

  • Network Security Configuration

    Whether its firewalls, switches, proxies or routers, the configuration and proper maintenance of access, ACLs and other rules is critical to the long-term health of your network. OrangePoint works with various vendors to ensure you have rapid provisioning and deprovisioning of access, along with a coordinated, centralized and managed view of your network access rules.

  • Forensics and Remediation

    If you’ve been hacked or otherwise believe you have been the victim of an information security incident, we’re here to track down and fix your problems. In many instances, your data will be recoverable through unforeseen routes. Let our problem solvers help you get through your disaster.